Imagine we are at an evening party and the host arranged a quiz for entertainment.

There is a black box on a table.

“Let’s play a game,” the host says. “The first one to figure out what’s inside the box wins.”

There are some words written on the box:

Schrödinger equation

The host says: “For this thing, we don’t know the name of it, so we called it ψ.”

“Even though we couldn’t see it, but some of the characteristics could be inferred.”

“I could tell you that it represents a function of electrons in atomic systems.”

“Through my observation I found that ψ is continuous.”

“Based on the features of ψ, we could tell that it is a function without a base unit. But it is also related to the position of electrons. In relation to every electron, it spreads in a virtual three dimensional space.”

“All in all, ψ follows every electron, spreading like a cloud at their position. The cloud is sometimes thick, sometimes thin. It follows some pattern, classically and continuously.”

“It is a spatial distribution function!” Erwin Schrödinger surmised.

“When it is multiplied by the charge of an electron, it represents the actual charge distribution in space. So an electron is not a particle but a wave.”

“I don’t really agree with you about your guess,” Max Born said.

“I guess it is a…”


6-1.001The Project 6 is a black box that embodies Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics with everyday objects. Every time a dice is rolled, there are six possibilities. Based on the Copenhagen interpretation, every object exists as a probability wave before measurement. Therefore, the dice is one, two, three, four, five, six simultaneously. “At a point, how many possibilities exist, how many of the world was born.” So we could say, many parallel worlds are generated inside the box. The quantity of worlds is shown on the digital display outside the box, 6n. Every time the dice is rolled, n = n + 1.


IMG_7868 copy

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