AYA – OpenBCI Game


Aya is a game told a story about a little fish in the deep sea. Our initial idea was to allow the user to interact with openBCI more intuitively, seamlessly and fun. So we embedded openBCI hardware in a fish headwear, which also represents the character in the game, Aya.

“Aya is a little tiny fish lives in the deep sea. She has a lightbulb in front of her to light up the surroundings, she could find delicious food with the lightbulb on. But the sea is so dangerous, big fish is trying to eat her. So Aya could only light up the lightbulb for a second to locate to food, and move in the dark towards the food.”


The game is a combination of a headwear and a game interface. It requires multiple inputs from openBCI. The user is asked to use their body to control the behavior of Aya. Close their eye to move forward, use their arms to turn, open their mouse to eat……

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