Dinosaur Puzzle – Cinder

Dinosaur puzzle is a screen-based interactive installation for the scenario of the dinosaur exhibition at the AMNH. Created by Danli Hu and Andrew Cotter. The project aims the younger group of the visitors and attempts to create an educational and playful experience to learn palaeontology. The project is created with Cinder and poScene.

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Touching the Void

Touching the “Void” is an interactive experience about spatial recognition and sensory perception. It displays virtual objects on a physical pedestal and uses vibration gloves to create the haptic sensation when the audience interacts with the virtual object. By limiting and distorting the sensory input, the audience’s cognition of a space has changed. It signifies a space which is neither not-empty nor not-full, and raises the discussion of reconstructing the reality.

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AYA – OpenBCI Game

Aya is a game told a story about a little fish in the deep sea. Our initial idea was to allow the user to interact with openBCI more intuitively, seamlessly and fun. So we embedded openBCI hardware in a fish headwear, which also represents the character in the game, Aya.

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“At a point, how many possibilities exist, how many of the world was born.” The Project 6 is a black box that embodies Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics with everyday objects. Every time a dice is rolled, there are six possibilities. Based on the Copenhagen interpretation, every object exists as a probability wave before measurement. Therefore, we could say, many parallel worlds are generated inside the box.

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Tidal Ghost

Deep in the marshes of Arthur Kill, past the headstones of Rossville Family Cemetery lie the ghostly wreckages of past warships, ferries, steam vessels, and fireboats. As the tides recede, skeletons of ship hulls and the corpses of sunken vessels briefly emerge from the murky waters. It is here off the south shores of Staten Island that you will encounter the disintegrating phantoms of New York’s industrial shipping industry. This is where ships come to die…

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“Her” is a commensal system consists of a body shape container, java moss and a girl. The project simulates the appearance and progress of pregnancy, by placing a plant inside the belly shape container and providing the nutrients it needs from the host.

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I am a balloon

An installation creating the tension between balloon and nails by reeling and releasing the balloon string toward or backward the nails randomly. It shows the conflict between the motor and the balloon’s will, and personifies the balloon by struggling with the force. It questions the meaning of existence, and reveals the uncertainty and emptiness of life.

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